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Legal Liability Clause
Welcome to registration at andhraproperties.com.
Registration is accepted subject to these conditions only.
andhraproperties.com is an information backbone and aims to provide free information on property deals. All information given here are obtained from various sources whose authenticity and reliability cannot be ascertained in full. andhraproperties.com stated the facts to the best of its knowledge, belief and information.Information provided here is subject to legality. The customers are advised to take the offers available as a ready source or information only, and take all precautions while buying / selling / leasing / exchanging. DIRECT DEALS andhraproperties.com being a provider of free information on available deals,cannot be held responsible for any problems arising out of a client purchasing directly from a seller. A seller selling his property directly to a buyer cannot claim any compensation for non receipt or delay in receiving payments from a buyer. Since online deals have no physical boundaries and possibly buyer and seller are citizens of different countries,each having their own rules,regulations,legal restrictions and limitations. Buyer and seller should satisfy themselves of the validity of the transaction themselves.They cannot claim any compensation from andhraproperties.com because of disputes arising between them due to whatsoever reason or reasons. DEALS THROUGH andhraproperties.com andhraproperties.com however,can take responsibility for a deal on behalf of a buyer or seller subject to Legality. On being retained to offer its services andhraproperties.com can act as an agent for a buyer and take all steps given below to sucessfully close the deal.
  1. By obtaining proper legal documents and also obtaining legal opinion by a qualified legal advisor.
  2. By obtaining encumbrance - free certificate from the Registrar of Land Registrations,government of Andhra Pradesh within whose jurisdiction the land is situated.
  3. By obtaining its valuation by an approved valuer - where necessary (as in case of buildings).
  4. Only when all these steps are completed satisfactorily, andhraproperties.com will conclude the deal and transfer the title to the buyer through proper registration of sale deeds.
  5. When a seller is retaining services of andhraproperties.com for selling his property, andhraproperties.com will ensure that payment is made,subject to the rules and regulations of the andhraproperties.com from time to time.The seller should ensure legal validity of his right over the property under offer to sell. In case of any legal complications arising he is bound by the covenants clause in sale deed to safeguard the interests of the buyer .